Holiday Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Customer Engagement This Season

November 18, 2022

The holidays are a great time to connect with your customers and show them how much you appreciate their business. But with all the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Never fear! We've put together a list of creative ways to market your business this holiday season. From engaging with customers on social media to investing in holiday packaging, there's sure to be an idea on this list that's perfect for your business. So read on and get inspired with these tips from the Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce!

Leverage Social Media to Interact with Customers

Social media is an ideal way to connect with your customers, especially during the holidays. Use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to wish your customers happy holidays, share holiday-themed content, and promote any special deals or promotions you're running. Be sure to use relevant hashtags so that your posts reach as many people as possible.

Honor Loyal Customers with Special Promotions

This is the time of year when people are spending money left and right. Square suggests showing your loyal customers how much you appreciate their business by offering them exclusive deals and discounts. You could also send out holiday cards with a personal message thanking them for their continued support. They'll be sure to remember your thoughtfulness when it comes time to do their holiday shopping.

Make a PDF Gift Guide to Help Customers Find the Perfect Present

One of the best things about the holidays is giving gifts to our loved ones. Help your customers shop for the perfect present by putting together a gift guide featuring items from your store. Not only will this make gift-giving easier for your customers, but, as Business2Community points out, it will also boost sales


Once you've created your guide, share it through email or on social media via PDF. PDF documents are exceptionally easy to use, both for you as you create them and for your customers who can view them on practically any device. If you create your gift guide in Word, it’s possible to retain the quality of text and graphics by converting it to a PDF. And learning how to convert Word to PDF is easy; it can be done in four simple steps.

Incorporate Holiday Packaging

Make a memorable first impression this holiday season by investing in festive packaging for your products. Whether you go for traditional red and green wrapping paper or something more unique, take the time to make sure your products look their best before they head off to their new homes. Your customers will be impressed—and you might just earn some new ones.

Hold Special Giveaways

Freebies are always at the top of the wish list! Drive traffic to your store or website by holding giveaways or contests during the holiday season. You could give away products from your store, gift cards, or even something unique like a basket of festive goodies. Be sure to promote your contest across all of your channels—you never know who might see it and enter.

Host a Fun, Special Event

If you have the space, consider hosting a special event at your store or office during the holiday season. Something like an ugly sweater party or gingerbread house decorating contest would be perfect for getting people in the door—and keeping them coming back for more. Make sure to promote your event far in advance so that people have plenty of time to plan to attend.

Show Your Support for the Community by Working With a Local Charity

What better way to spread some holiday cheer than by giving back? Support a local charity by hosting a food drive, collecting toys for underprivileged children, or donating a portion of proceeds from sales made during the holidays. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will also make you look good—customers love supporting businesses that give back to the community.

Partner with Local, Complementary Businesses

Small businesses need all the help they can get during the holiday season. Reach out to other local businesses in your area and see if there are any opportunities for partnership or cross-promotion. For example, you could team up with a nearby restaurant to offer diners a discount at your store if they show their receipt. Or, if you sell products that would make great stocking stuffers, reach out to other small businesses in your area and see if they'd be interested in bundling items together as part of a holiday promotion. There are endless possibilities—get creative!


The holidays are a great time of year for connecting with customers and boosting sales. By getting creative with your marketing efforts – including leveraging social media, creating a PDF gift guide, and hosting a special event – you can ensure that your business stands out from the competition this holiday season.


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